South Ferry Tunnel, NY, NY
South Ferry Tunnel, NY, NY

South Ferry Tunnel, NY, NY

The South Ferry Terminal project is a major New York City Transit Authority undertaking to facilitate subway flow near the World Trade Center Site. The project includes the construction of a new tunnel, a new terminal, and connections to existing facilities. The project also includes underpinning of existing tunnels in the project area.

Oweis Engineering Inc. (OEI) was retained to perform seismic evaluations and conduct a site specific response analysis to support the design of the new terminal. OEI's services included:
  • Develop bedrock design response spectra for 500 years and 2500 years events.
  • Review subsurface data and develop analytical profiles and parameters for use in the analysis.
  • Conduct site specific response analysis.
  • Summarize analytical tools for use in calculating the tunnel free field response.
  • Prepare a site specific response report presenting the methodology used in the analysis, and discussions on tunnel response and liquefaction potential.