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Moscow Slava


Moscow, Russia



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical evaluation

Developed a design soil/rock analytical profile

Design 23 meter deep excavation support system

Raft foundation analysis

Construction specifications

Oweis Engineering Inc. (OEI) was retainied by Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers (TTE) to provide geotechnical evaluation for the proposed construction of the foundation for 6 towers and 5 below grade levels of parking garages, supported by a 2m thick raft foundation having a footprint of approximately 41.600 square meters. OEI Services included:

  • Developed a design soil/rock analytical profile.

  • Design of a 23m deep excavation support system consisting of slurry walls supported by berms and struts, or tiebacks and recommendations of excavation strategy for cost saving.

  • Analyze raft foundation interaction by conducting extensive 3-D non-linear finite element analysis following construction sequences and considering slurry walls, raft foundation and 796 column loads.

  • Developed construction specifications.

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