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Foschini Park


Hackensack, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation

Stormwater Design Investigation

Stormwater BMP Subsurface Investigation

Percolation Testing

Soil Sampling Laboratory Testing

Foschini Park was originally comprised of wetland and part of the Hackensack River riparian corridor.  The site was eventually backfilled with historic fill in the early part of the 20th century to create additional land.  Based on readily available historical maps and aerial photographs the site was developed into a park.  

Geotechnical Investigation - The geotechnical investigation was divided up into phases.  A preliminary investigation was conducted for the Phase I portion of the proposed park improvements.  The proposed construction for Phase I included 2 synthetic fields, restroom/concession building, sports lighting system, parking stalls, paved and unpaved surfaces.  The field exploration program was to conduct a preliminary exploration of the subsurface conditions. The field observations and laboratory data were assessed for estimating short-term and long-term settlements, the physical subsurface conditions and to ultimately provide appropriate recommendations for design and construction.  A preliminary geotechnical investigation report was submitted to the client.

Stormwater Design Investigation – No stormwater basins or specific green infrastructure Best Management Practice (BMP) were proposed to be installed in the Phase I area.  However, preliminary permeability characteristics for the proposed synthetic and grass fields was assessed from the completion of test pit excavations, soil sample collection and completed field percolation tests. The field investigation was in accordance with New Jersey Stormwater BMP Manual, Chapter 12, Soil Testing Criteria.  The field data evaluation revealed that there were low soil hydraulic conductivities in a significant portion of the Phase I portion of the site.  A report pertaining to the stormwater field investigation and data evaluation was submitted it to the client.

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