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Marlboro Houses


Brooklyn, NY



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation

Subsurface Limited Environmental Investigation for Waste Characteristics and Material Management

Soils Sample and Laboratory Analysis

A subsurface geotechnical field investigation program was implemented in an area of existing subsidence within a community activity space at the Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn, New York.  Along with this investigation, environmental soil sample collection was performed. 

A geotechnical report was provided summarizing the field investigation and the geotechnical engineering recommendations for the design and repair of the affected area.

A separate environmental soil sample collection and analysis summary report was submitted that summarized the soil sample collection and laboratory analysis for environmental chemical contaminants of concern.  The report included an evaluation of the laboratory analysis results to further characterize the soil qualities for proposed construction material management, construction health and safety and establish a preliminary soil waste profile and waste classification.

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