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Mt. Hope Garden Park


Bronx, NY



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation

Limited Subsurvace Soil Environmental Investigation

Subsurface Field Permiability

Soil Borings for Retaining Walls

Groundwater Infiltration Testing 

Drainage Systems Design

Mt. Hope Garden Park Playground Rehabilitation - NYCDPR

The project consisted of the rehabilitation of the Mount Hope Gardens Park in the Borough of the Bronx, New York.  Oweis Engineering provided geotechnical engineering services that included a field investigation and preparation of a report.  The field investigation included soil borings for retaining walls, test pits to determine the cause of large depression/sinkholes within the park, and groundwater infiltration testing for design of drainage systems. A summary report was prepared outlining geotechnical design recommendations for site preparation, site drainage, and alternatives for proposed retaining walls.

In addition to the geotechnical investigation, soil samples were collected for environmental chemical analysis. An environmental soil sample summary report was submitted as a stand-alone report.  The report included evaluation of the soil sample laboratory analysis for environmental chemical contaminants of concern to further characterize the soil qualities for proposed construction material management, worker health and safety during construction and establish a preliminary soil waste profile for soil waste classification.

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