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Playground Thirty-Five


Astoria, Queens, NY



Project Highlights:

Subsurface Limited Environmental Investigation

Stormwater BMP Subsurface Field Investigation

Permeability Tests

Soil Fertility Sample Collection

Soil Borings

Collecting Soil Samples

Playground Thirty-Five XXXV Playground Rehabilitation - NYCDPR

Oweis Engineering Inc. completed a limited environmental subsurface soil investigation, soil fertility sampling and field permeability testing for a New York City, Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) project as part of the rehabilitation of an existing playground located in Astoria, Queens, New York.  The park is in a metropolitan setting with various structures and utilities. The subsurface was comprised of shallow fill materials underlain by glacial till comprised of poorly graded sands overlying bedrock.  

Responsibilities for the project were reviewing readily available historical documentation, field program preparation and implementation.  The subsurface investigation involved completion of soil borings, collecting soil samples and conducting field permeability testing which included the requirements stipulated in the NYC Environmental Protection Office of Ecological Services, Procedures Governing, Limited Geotechnical Investigation for Community Parks Initiative Phase II, Green Infrastructure Practices, published April 2016.  

The subsurface field investigation program was performed in September 2016.  Two summary reports were submitted to the client.  One report provided a summary of the physical and chemical qualities, including soil fertility and any potential chemical contaminants of concern, in the subsurface fill/soil as part of the waste characterization and material management. The second report provided the summary of field soil permeability test results to be used in the proposed green infrastructure design.

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