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Space Time Playground Rehabilitation


Bronx, NY



Project Highlights:

Green Infrastructure

Ground Subsidence


Uncontrolled Fills, Soft Organic Silts

Geotechnical Subsurface Investigations

Environmental Evaluation

Oweis Engineering Inc. (OEI) conducted geotechnical subsurface investigations in August 2018 and March 2022 for the proposed rehabilitation of the Space Time Playground located the Bronx, New York. The Site in the north half of the park had mainly paved surfaces with limited access due to the playground structures, fencing and established trees. The proposed project included new hardscape surfaces, utility chambers, bleachers, fencing, lightpoles, and an evaluation for potential reduction in site stormwater run-off with increased infiltration.  

The field explorations targeted the areas of visible subsidence.  Field exploration program included soil borings, soil sample collection and field permeability testing performed in accordance with the “Limited Geotechnical Investigation Procedures for On-site Green Infrastructure Practices”, November 2016” (NYCDEP-GIP).

Geotechnical investigation reports were prepared to summarize the completed field exploration program and provided an evaluation of the recorded data and recommendations pertaining to the proposed construction. 

OEI also conducted a Preliminary Environmental Evaluation to potentially identify the small artifacts labeled “oil fill” observed flush with the pavement in several places.  A Limited Environmental Evaluation Letter Report and an Addendum Letter Report were completed and submitted to summarize the document review process, government agency document requests, Site reconnaissance and the resultant information with the evaluation.

During the 2022 geotechnical investigation, OEI also oversaw the collection of environmental soil samples from additional shallow soil borings.  The environmental soil samples were analysed for environmental chemical contaminants of concern. The soil analysis results were part of defining the soil characteristics for potential material management, worker health and safety and for a preliminary soil waste characterization.  An environmental soil sample collection and analysis summary report was completed and submitted to the client as a stand-alone report.  The environmental soil sample summary report provided a summarized historical environmental description, a summary of environmental soil sampling procedures and collection, the soil sample laboratory analysis results and an evaluation of the resultant concentrations.

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