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471 Washington Street


New York, NY



Project Highlights:

Inspection of Shoring and Underpinning

Subgrade Investigation

Engineering Services for site dewatering

Drilling Borings

Condition Survey of Adjacent Buildings (Landmark)

Environmental Services for Characterization of and Disposal of Contaminated Soil

OEI Engineering Inc. provided the design and controlled inspection in accordance with NYC DOB code for:

  1. 1.Underpinning of two structures (landmark)

  2. 2.Condition Survey of two buildings immediately adjacent to the project site  The purpose of the survey was to identify existing damage prior to the commencement of site excavation

  3. 3.Shoring along two streets 

  4. 4.Controlled Inspection of Shoring and Underpinning and subgrade

  5. 5.Engineering Services related to site dewatering, including drilling additional borings.

  6. 6.Vibration monitoring; crack monitoring and optical survey of adjacent structures.

  7. 7.Pre-construction condition survey of three structures, installed crack monitors.

  8. 8.Environmental Services related to the characterization and disposal of contaminated soil, removal of underground fuel storage tanks.

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