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Anchorage Cove


Hackensack, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation

Subsurface Condition Evaluation

Environmental Remedial Action Investigation and Recommendations

Driven Piles

Anchorage Cove (formerly Hackensack Redevelopment)

Oweis Engineering Inc. (OEI) performed geotechnical investigation for the planned construction of five buildings.  The buildings ranged in size from approximately 5,000 square feet (sf) to 10,000 sf.  OEI’s services included conducting data collection, performing a subsurface field exploration program and reviewed the collected soil sample geotechnical laboratory analysis results.

OEI evaluated the subsurface conditions and prepared a geotechnical engineering report with recommendations for various foundation and site stabilization options including short timber piles founded in upper stiff soil stratum, deep steel pipe pile foundation founded in dense till and site stabilization by preload and surcharge with shallow foundations.

However, environmental remedial action had been completed by PSE&G after the subsurface geotechnical investigation was performed.  The field observations and geotechnical laboratory results post environmental remediation revealed that there were significant differences in fill, including the backfill used by PSE&G to coarser materials from previous development.  In addition, the fill thickness varied greatly within the same proposed building footprint and significantly varied in condition with fill unsuitable for building foundations.  

Furthermore, presence of shallow water and soft organic soils beneath the fill eliminated the feasibility of deep dynamic compaction.  It was also concluded that wick drains were not a feasible option for water drainage since due to groundwater contamination present and would require proper handling and disposal.  The ultimately the recommended option was to drive piles to construct pile foundations instead.

Due to the issues revealed and the recommended need for constructing pile foundations, the original proposed construction was abandoned and other development options were considered. 

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