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Camelot at Toms River


Toms River, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Evaluation

Site Preparation Recommendations

Retaining Wall Location Definition

Soil Analysis and Recommendations for Removal and Replacement with Structural Fill

Quality Control Inspection of Earthwork Operations

The proposed construction consists of eight buildings ranging in size from 2,000 to 9600 sq. ft., a pool, a dog park and two retaining walls. Recommendations were provided for the required site preparation procedures to be implemented at the proposed building and retaining wall locations for foundation support including recommendations for re-use of onsite material. It was discovered that a portion of the site was filled with miscellaneous fill that was required to be removed and replaced with structural fill. Retaining wall soil parameters were also provided for design and special considerations were made for construction of the four-story residential building foundations that are in close proximity to the proposed modular block walls to avoid exerting building pressures onto the 15ft. high retaining walls. Quality control inspection of all earthwork operations were conducted by OEI.

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