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Highland Park, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation


Percolation Testing

NJ Stormwater Best Management Practices

OEI team conducted a geotechnical investigation consisting of borings, test pits, and percolation testing for stormwater design. The proposed construction consisted of four (4) residential buildings, one (1) club house building, tennis courts, swimming pool and eleven (11) retaining walls and determination of permeability within the proposed detention basin. Work included research and investigation required for stormwater design in accordance with NJ Regulations and the NJ Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual.  Recommendations were provided for the necessary site preparation at each building location for support of building foundations and floor slabs, including excavation and backfilling procedures coupled with geotechnical observation. Oversaw preparation of shallow foundation subgrade preparation and provided quality control during construction.

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