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Towne Lake Development, Towne Lake Seniors, Camelot at Towne Lake II


Sayreville, NJ



Project Highlights:

Slope Stability Evaluation

Groundwater Control

Soil Stablization

Construction Quality Control

Nuclear Density Measurements

This major site development over a previous clay mine for brick production consisted of the construction of:

  • A three hundred single family home division, senior housing development, residential buildings, clubhouses and pools and recreational facilities including tennis and basketball courts.

  • Over 50 modular block retaining walls constituting several thousand feet of walls and multi-tiered walls from 6 to 25ft. in height. Such construction required slope stability evaluations and groundwater control procedures

The project consisted of evaluating and recommending soil stabilization procedures that included wick drains, preloading and surcharge. Major portions of the site were comprised of waste brick fill material and ash from brick production in substantial thickness that had to be excavated and replaced with structural fill. In order to facilitate construction under wet weather conditions through the winter months, backfill materials were mixed with lime to reduce the moisture content of the fill and facilitate proper compaction of the structural fill. The OEI team worked with the developer to consider the specific site conditions and schedule of construction to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to the developer.

OEI provided continuous construction quality control services during construction. Such quality control included monitoring and testing of fill placement using nuclear density gauge, installation and monitoring of pneumatic piezometer and vertical inclinometer instrumentation and quality control testing of all fill materials in the soil laboratory.

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