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Monmouth County Bridge MA-14, NJDOT


Keyport, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Investigation

Land and Water Borings

Drilling Bid Documentation

Construction Support Services

The project includes the replacement of Monmouth County Bridge MA-14 with a new bridge on a similar alignment to the existing. The new bridge superstructure consisted of 4 spans with MSE walls for the approach roadways.

OEI prepared drilling bid documents and performed a geotechnical investigation consisting of land and water borings within the proposed roadway, abutment and pier locations. Served as the principal investigator in all engineering aspects including:

1. Conceptual design of a column supported embankment (CSE).

2. Complete design of drilled shaft foundations.

3. Mechanically stabilized walls.

4. Seismic response analysis for the bridge drilled shaft foundations.

5. Construction assistance

OEI provided construction support services in connection with the specific foundation elements of the geotechnical foundation construction as needed and described as follows:

  • Assistance in reviewing shop drawings required by the specifications related to shop      drawings for drilled shaft load testing, quality control integrity testing,

  • Assistance in review and recommendations related to test shaft installation and QA/QC      records and load test data evaluation.

  • RFIs relating to drilled shaft production phase, drilled shaft installation inspection QA/QC records and  drilled shaft tip elevation revisions, driven production piles.

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