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Bush Terminal


Brooklyn, New York



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Field Investigation

Field Permeability Tests for GI

Field Data and Soil Sample Laboratory Testing

Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis

Bush Terminal Made in NY- NYCEDC Waterfront Redevelopment

Bush Terminal, Borough of Brooklyn, New York

The City is investing $136 million toward pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements and new plaza space, including improvements to the 43rd Street corridor within the campus to improve visitor access to Bush Terminal Piers Park, as well as utility upgrades to support the built improvements.

OEI is currently the lead geotechnical consultant for the Bush Terminal project and has initiated the geotechnical program to support the construction along the water front development at the Bush Campus, Brooklyn, NY. The construction will involve a new bulkhead and piers built as a reliving platform type. The program includes borings to enable establishment of the geotechnical design criteria for the proposed waterfront structures.

The field responsibilities for the project were comprised of an extensive subsurface field investigation to record the conditions and characteristics relevant to the proposed design parameters. This included installing soil borings, performing California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests and field permeability tests and collect soil samples for laboratory testing. The field permeability tests were conducted at the specified depths as per requirements of the NYCDEP Bureau of EDC Green Infrastructure, "Procedure Governing Limited Geotechnical Investigation for Right-of-Way Green Infrastructure Practices", July 2017.

The subsurface field investigation program was performed in August 2018. A geotechnical report was submitted to the client that included a summary of the field observations, completed field tests and laboratory tests, geotechnical analysis of the results and recommendations concerning the bulkhead replacement design.

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