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Green Brook Flood Risk Management Segment C-2


Green Brook, New Jersey



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Services

Field Exploration

Expert Assessment

OEI provided geotechnical services that included review of previous field exploration data and documentation, a site visit and the preparation of a geotechnical assessment report that evaluated the existing information provided. 

The client had filed a claim with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) regarding unanticipated groundwater conditions encountered during excavation for certain flood wall foundations at a site project. The existing field documentation furnished by USACE did not contain any groundwater data or references as to where such data could be found. 

OEI evaluated the data and the USACE other noted organizations (NAVFAC, AASHTO) protocols for establishing groundwater elevation and flow direction. OEI concluded that the client could not have anticipated groundwater based on the documentation and data provided with the Contract Documents.

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