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GreenBrook Flood Damage Reduction


Green Brook Township, Somerset County, NJ



Project Highlights:

Value Engineering

Battered Micro-Piles

US Army Corp. of Engineers

Subsurface Investigation

Oweis Engineering Inc. was engaged to develop a value engineering proposal to develop a less costly design for a flood wall. The presented design required battered micro-piles at about 7 ft. spacing to support loads from a 100-year flood event. OEI developed an alternative design consisting of 30-inch pipe at 16.5 feet spacing with connecting PZC 26 sheet piles. OEI proposed alternative design was reviewed and submitted to the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers (U.S.A.C.O.E.).

In addition, OEI was responsible for conducting a subsurface investigation and subsurface soil sampling for the earthen levy that underwent restoration under the direction of the US Army Corps. Initially, soil samples were collected for laboratory chemical analysis at a quarry slated to provide fill materials for the levy restoration. OEI carried out a subsurface soil investigation and collected additional soil samples at the project site. Soil sample evaluation summaries and recommendations were submitted to the client as part of the evaluation provided to the Army Corps.

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