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Marble Hill Seawall


Manhattan, NY



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical Engineering

Subsurface Investigation

Water Borings


The Marble Hill Seawall is located adjacent to the North Abutment of the Broadway Bridge over the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York. The seawall is approximately 545 feet long and supports Metro North Railroads Track 4 of the Hudson Line along the Hudson River. T

he seawall consists of three different types of retaining structures supporting the rail line including a stone masonry wall, a timber wall and a rip rap stone embankment over a timber cribwall. The results of recent inspections indicate multiple deficiencies including voids, missing structural members, large differential settlements, and failing tieback systems. 

Oweis Engineering Inc., as a subconsultant to the prime engineer assisted in the development of the field investgation and provided multi-shift field observation services on the Metro North Railroad (MNR) right-of-way and Hudson River using high rail and barge mounted drilling rigs, respectively.

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