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Former Allied Signal Site


Elizabeth, NJ



Project Highlights:

Geotechnical investigation

Catellus Commercial Development Corporation (Catellus) retained Oweis Engineering Inc. (OEI) to conduct a geotechnical investigation for the construction of four warehouses in the City of Elizabeth, NJ. The site was formerly occupied by a chemical manufacturing and processing company and contained many industrial buildings, processing equipment, underground and above ground piping and utilities, paved roadways, and paved parking areas. The geotechnical investigation consists of borings and piezocone soundings to identify subsurface conditions at the site.

Magnetic extensometers and pneumatic piezometers were installed at two (2) “test pad” locations to monitor settlement and pore pressure dissipation during filling. We developed preload and surcharge criteria for site stabilization and construction of the warehouses. OEI provides quality control services during filling operations at the site including monitoring of instrumentation.

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